FalconID Resources

Did you forget your FalconID password? That's OK! Use this tool to reset your password. The new password will be emailed or sent via text message.

Do you know your password but want to change it to something different? Use this tool to change your current password.

Are you new to UTPB?
Use this tool to claim your FalconID, and set your new password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my FalconID the same as my Student ID?

No. Your student ID is a ten-digit number assigned to you at the time you apply. Your FalconID is your username for logging into electronic resources.

What can I login to with my FalconID?

Your access to electronic resources varies depending on your status. For instance, if you have applied but have not yet been accepted, you will only have access to view your application in the student portal. After enrolling you will be able to login to campus computers, UTPB email and more. For a complete list at each access level click here.

I'm having problems logging into my.utpb.edu

Please visit the my.utpb.edu login help page.

Can I change my FalconID?

No. The standard format for a FalconID is (lastname) + (the underscore character) + (first letter of first name) + (last 5 digits of your student ID number).

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